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Post #25: VF Mix 156: Chet Baker by Moscoman

Hi everyone,

and happy new year ! 2018 was quite amazing for music, I can’t wait for 2019.

First up is a mix by Moscoman, who I already highlighted on two occasions: in April 2017 for his absolutely flawless mix for ResidentAdvisor (see here) and a bit earlier when iscussing the growth of the electronic arabic sound (here), now widely accepted.

Originally form Tel-Aviv, the city that seems to provide my next favorite artist every 3 months (Moscoman, Naduve, Red Axes), he is the founder of Disco Halal Records.

For The Vinyl Factory he put together a mix of only Chet Baker recordings, since the idea of this mix series is to focus on a single artist and to feature, of course, only vinyl tracks. As a result, this 2-hour session is just the best soundtrack you could ever think of when at home, drinking a hot coffee or chocolate, chilling in your sofa while the snow is falling. Think preparing your Christmas diner table while dancing to some of the smoothest, most exquisite trumpet solos of the 20th century.

Totally delightful, full of vinyl warmth and scratches, people’s applauses, amorous pianos, mellow deep and delicious voices… say no more. Another 10 for Moscoman, from where you would have never expected him.

Till next time, take care,



Tracklist can be found to this link: here.