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Dj’ing is the art form of sharing emotions through mixing tracks together.

I am no DJ at all. I absolutely don’t know how to use CDJs, I dont’t know how to mix tracks together. I can do it in my head (and I’m pretty good at it, too bad you can’t hear it !) but that’s about it. Maybe one day I’ll try it out.
Anyway I am a great fan of electronic music and especially mixes, which I listen to a lot. To me, a mix is more than a selection and a succession of tracks mixed together. It has to be considered as a whole thing. That is the big point to me: a whole thing. Like one big and long track. An experience. A journey. A trip. Call it whatever you want.
Sure, it is made of lots of small bits (the tracks themselves, carefully and thoughtfully chosen), but those tracks would not sound the same outside the mix. Here they get revealed. Or hidden sometimes. They get to live longer or shorter, to be edited or remixed in order to suit the best way possible. I think they get a sense, a direction. From what ? Towards what ? Mmmm…points let’s say. Places. Atmospheres. Feelings. Emotions. Yay, emotions. Isn’t that what music is all about ?
When it comes to electronic music, I would say that getting to this point when you actually feel the music takes a bit of time. You won’t feel the music as soon as you start listening to a mix, or when you just enter into a nightclub. It takes a bit of time and acceptance. It implies that you agree to trust the DJ and to follow him in his musical journey. Then it is his job to take you through it: from calm mood moments to high-energy peak times, through build-ups and drop-downs, until the very moment when you reach the climax of the set (if any).
It is almost like a classical symphony where the conductor is the DJ. To me, it is a true art form.

All of that might look a bit serious -and it is actually.
But let’s not forget what a DJ set is primarily about: make you dance (in most cases). And make you enjoy it. People are sometimes afraid of dancing. Show your appreciation, people. Sing along, move to the beat. Tap your feet, clap your hands, nod your head.

Music is about emotions: it is to be shared !


PS: something I completely agree with and got inspired by: an article by Brent Silby showing that the DJ is an artist: here

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