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Post #22: CRIME CUTZ: A Four-Part Documentary – A 2018’s Ode to Joy

Holy Ghost! is a band from New York, signed on James Murphy’s DFA records. They have been releasing music for the past ten years or so, including a couple of albums: their first self titled album in 2011 and the great ‘Dynamics’ two years later. Their latest output is a four-track killer EP called ‘Crime Cutz’ and this is the one that interests us here.

In 2017, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser set to adapt it on the screen with ‘Crime Cutz: a four-part documentary’, under the direction of Ben Fries (their long-time collaborator) and Alden Nusser. The movie finally premiered in April 2018 at the New York TriBeCa Festival and it is an absolute delight. The 16-minute film follows 4 different characters, all inhabited with the same energy, soundtracked by the 4 tracks of the Crime Cutz EP. Continue reading Post #22: CRIME CUTZ: A Four-Part Documentary – A 2018’s Ode to Joy

Post #11: Update ! New post format

Hi everyone !

For this first post in more than a year, I have decided to change things a bit. My future posts will be shorter, and more focused on the music rather than the text. From now on, the background of the mix and the artist’s biography will be optional for you to read, and I will structure my posts the following way: Continue reading Post #11: Update ! New post format

Post #5: “Fabriclive. 09 Jacques Lu Cont” – The best party you never had

Hi folks.

Today I will present to you one of the finest mixes I have ever heard, made up by one of the most iconic figures in today’s electronic music scene. As the 9th CD of the Fabriclive mix series, it was released exactly 10 years ago (in April 2003). But time really has no hold on it. Show some respect for the one and only Stuart Price, and his today’s moniker, Jacques Lu Cont.

FabricLive. 09 Jacques Lu Cont

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Post #0: Introduction

Hello everybody.

My name is Alex, I’m from Paris and here I will post mixes I find on the Internet or everywhere that I like. It is a good way for me to remember them, and a good way for you to discover them. It is mostly electronic music, but can sometimes be a bit different. I am open to merely every style of music 🙂

Enjoy your visit !