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Post #25: VF Mix 156: Chet Baker by Moscoman

Hi everyone,

and happy new year ! 2018 was quite amazing for music, I can’t wait for 2019.

First up is a mix by Moscoman, who I already highlighted on two occasions: in April 2017 for his absolutely flawless mix for ResidentAdvisor (see here) and a bit earlier when iscussing the growth of the electronic arabic sound (here), now widely accepted.

Originally form Tel-Aviv, the city that seems to provide my next favorite artist every 3 months (Moscoman, Naduve, Red Axes), he is the founder of Disco Halal Records.

For The Vinyl Factory he put together a mix of only Chet Baker recordings, since the idea of this mix series is to focus on a single artist and to feature, of course, only vinyl tracks. As a result, this 2-hour session is just the best soundtrack you could ever think of when at home, drinking a hot coffee or chocolate, chilling in your sofa while the snow is falling. Think preparing your Christmas diner table while dancing to some of the smoothest, most exquisite trumpet solos of the 20th century.

Totally delightful, full of vinyl warmth and scratches, people’s applauses, amorous pianos, mellow deep and delicious voices… say no more. Another 10 for Moscoman, from where you would have never expected him.

Till next time, take care,



Tracklist can be found to this link: here.

One Track To Rule Them All # 24: Paul Martin – Le Troublant Témoignage de Paul Martin


Original disco tune from the 70’s. Voice is by french actor Jean-Pierre Castaldi.
Japanese producer KZA (half of power duo Force of Nature with DJ Kent) sampled it to make the great Le Troublant Acide, released on Mule offshoot Endless Flight a few years ago.

Easy on the weekend, easy.

Post #24: Palms Trax – Boiler Room x Dekmantel 2018


Dekmantel is a festival institution in Netherlands, held every summer in August, that gathers many DJs and producers of electronic music. A list of artists from the 2018 edition can be found here.
Palms Trax is a Dekmantel favourite and has been on the bill for several years now. This mix, recorded and broadcasted by Boiler Room this year, is truly fantastic. Exploring all ranges of disco, italo and house it keeps up the good vibe and the dancing.

Definitely one of my favourite mixes of the year (maybe my favourite actually) ! Start digging now !

Post #23: Denis Sulta – The Cover Mix for Mixmag Magazine : Here we fucking go

Hi people,

Today simply one of the best mixes of this year, delivered by no other than one of my favorite DJs of the year.
Having got more and more well deserved recognition during the past years, Denis Sulta is now exploding on the international stage. Originally from Glasgow, now based in Berlin, he is the kind of party starter that prevents you from going back home at night.

All info and tracklist can be found on mixmag website.

Also check the quality productions of the man: remixes and proper tracks (sometimes under his alias Atlus – a very good EP on MSN). He is touring extensively now so be sure to check him out when he comes to your city. Could well be the party of the year.

Keep on raving;


One Track To Rule Them All #22: The Killers – The Man (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

Jacques Lu Cont. Thin White Duke. Les Rythmes DigitalesMan With Guitar.

We should all praise Stuart Price for his dedication to make pop and rock music better.

As The Killers long-time producer, Stuart Price is the man behind their latest albums and hits, and gratifies us with a remix or two for each album he produces for the Las Vegas band. This one lives up to his reputation and takes the Killers hit straight into the stratosphere.

For more info about Stuart Price and especially his fabulous work for Madonna or his key implication in the French Touch wave at the end of the 90’s, be sure to check out my article about his FabricLive Mix from 2003, which is, in my opinion, one of the very best releases from the London label.

Post #22: CRIME CUTZ: A Four-Part Documentary – A 2018’s Ode to Joy

Holy Ghost! is a band from New York, signed on James Murphy’s DFA records. They have been releasing music for the past ten years or so, including a couple of albums: their first self titled album in 2011 and the great ‘Dynamics’ two years later. Their latest output is a four-track killer EP called ‘Crime Cutz’ and this is the one that interests us here.

In 2017, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser set to adapt it on the screen with ‘Crime Cutz: a four-part documentary’, under the direction of Ben Fries (their long-time collaborator) and Alden Nusser. The movie finally premiered in April 2018 at the New York TriBeCa Festival and it is an absolute delight. The 16-minute film follows 4 different characters, all inhabited with the same energy, soundtracked by the 4 tracks of the Crime Cutz EP. Continue reading Post #22: CRIME CUTZ: A Four-Part Documentary – A 2018’s Ode to Joy

Post #21: Gerd Janson Boiler Room x Sugar Mountain 2018 DJ Set


Gerd Janson has been one of the key players of electronic music in Germany for years now. Head of the Running Back label, home to many super good artists (Hunne, Todd Terje, Suzanne Kraft, Lauer, Octo Octa to name a few) and their stellar releases, he is now touring the world regularly from his home the Robert Johnson club in Offenbach (close to Frankfurt). Not to forget, Gerd Janson is also a journalist and writes for some of the best quality german music magazines like Groove Magazine. Oh, and he is also a key member of the Red Bull Music Academy team, having conducted lectures with Theo Parrish or Henrik Schwarz for more than 10 years now. And I like the RBMA a lot (find out more here and here).

This DJ set has been recorded during the one-day australian festival Sugar Mountain, which takes place every year in Melbourne. In this set, Gerd Janson shows off his incredible skill at mastering the crowd and literally taking it where he wants to. The selection of tunes is flawless, includes hits and classics all along, mixed with a constant search of keeping the energy at the highest level. A truly euphoric set that will take you to the moon and back within an hour. Very impressive and totally enjoyable at the same time. Very well done Sir.