About me

Hi !

My name is Alex, I’m a 25-year-old frenchman living in Paris. I love music, and I love sharing it. Whenever I have the time, I like to listen to mixes: long recordings of one hour, two hours or sometimes more. I think a good mix is indeed a piece of art (see the ‘My philosophy page’ above).

On this blog I will post mixes I like aling with an article giving details about the DJ who did the mix, the music he is famous for, the labels he has released on, the parties he is resident at.. and of course my interpretation/explanation of the mix itself: the tracklist (if possible), the general mood, what I liked and loved. Feel free to comment and share your views and knowledge of the music with me, I’ll be more than pleased to talk with you.

Enjoy your visit !

PS: If you are concerned by/are the author of any of the pictures on this blog and want me to remove them or add any caption/copyright/whatever, please do tell me. I am not that good at references and apologize in advance if I did something wrong. On the other hand, rest assured that all that is written here is from the top of my head and please mention my blog/name if ever you quote it.


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