One Track To Rule Them All #13: Thylacine – Train

I have a problem with Thylacine.

One the one hand, I find his music ‘too easy’, too cheesy. Simple loops, no depth, very ‘superficielle’ as we like to say in french. No research in the sound or the production whatsoever.

On the other hand, I have listened to his Transsiberian album about 10 times; I have bought it, I have offered it to a friend as a gift (on vinyl please), and I also bought a poster of it for 2 euros.
2 euros. What a scam. Well that is the only poster I have in my room.
The only reason I have never been to one of his shows is I actually never could, but I have watched online his show from FNAC LIVE Festival 2016 twice. You can’t watch it anymore now but you can get his Boiler Room which is good as well and includes a saxophone (on his track ‘Home’).
A motherfucking saxophone.
Isn’t that the most cheesiest instrument ever ? I mean, for anyone who does not come from, say, a classical or jazz background, a saxophone does not relate to John Coltrane or Charlie Bird Parker for instance. No. Saxophone means this guy:

And please thank me for not putting a link to the proper video. (—>>>CLICK HERE<<<—). Anyway. What Thylacine does is a proper “Tour de Force”, as english speaking people like to say in french whereas we just say “oh, that’s cool”. Because YES, now saxophone is cool. And more importantly, saxophone is used here, no, is properly played here, in an intelligent way, in an orchestral way. Not as a voice over the track, not as this cheesy shitty melody that literally fucks your head for days, but as a key component of the track itself, a key part of the whole machine, almost like a part of the engine of the Transsiberian itself, and not a miserable sort of badly drawn tribal flame-throwing sticker on the back of your car.

Now a few words about ‘Train’. Well, ‘Train’, as you may think, starts with a train. A train sound that later forms the core rhythm of the track. Not new will you say, for sure, but very well made. At least, I, fucking like it.

When you take a look at the global picture, the Transsiberian album, you learn that Thylacine composed it during a trip on the real Transsiberian train (watch the featured movie here). Tracks are named after the cities he stopped into. Now how cheesy is this ? Fortunately for us he did not compose it during a RER trip in the suburbs of Paris, otherwise you would have tracks like ‘Ponthierry Pringy’, ‘Faremoutiers’, ‘Issou Pocheville’ or even ‘Tacoignières Richebourg’. A bit less exotic.

However, besides this, I got to say, I have never been on the Transsiberian myself, but I am absolutely convinced it sounds like this album.

I have a problem with Thylacine.

And I recommend you should have one too.

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