Post #14: Eamon Harkin And Justin Carter: Weekends And Beginnings – People, party and pastures

Yes yes yes ! My favourite boys from New York City are back with their first official mix CD. Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, the duo behind Mister Saturday Night, the famed NYC party, have a solid hour of joyful sounds for you to hear, dance and sing along – including some lines about sheeps, in french. So do not wander too far away from the flock, your shepherds of the day will take care of you…


This is a (bit-more-than-) one-hour-long live recording of a Mister Sunday party that happened on 24 August 2014 in New York City, mixed by DJs Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, the two guys behind the “Mister Saturday Night” and “Mister Sunday” parties. The CD was released in December 2014 on their own label Mister Saturday Night Records. You can buy it here.


This CD is pure party music. It will easily soundtrack your house parties, would it be the beginning or the end of the night. Expect some people to shout, scream and loose their minds on multiple occasions. See next section for some singing action at the beginning of the mix.

Weekends and Beginnings album cover. Taken from the MSN website.


This mix contains 18 tracks to feed your appetite (that is on the CD version; the digital version lacks the first two tracks and the very last one). As ever with Mister Saturday Night, the range of music played is limitless: it is a sort of “no policy” musical policy. However, I would say that this mix is more techno oriented than the previous MSN mixes I have listened to.

Going through the mix now. Saving the first couple of tracks for later (those appear only on the physical CD – but are awesome ! – see below), it kicks off with a beast of a tune, the Maurice Fulton remix of ‘Love Endeavor’ by Alice Smith. While it sounds like some obscure disco from the 70’s, this was actually released in 2006. It got me singing along from the very first time I heard it. Well, shouting ‘LALALA’ to be precise. So, in order for you not to be frustrated too, here are the lyrics:

“So if you do feel the way that I feel about you
C’mon and share this crush with me
Oh baby this love endeavor
don’t have to last forever
C’mon and share whatever you want with me

I would love to touch you
Kiss you and caress you
C’mon share this crush with me
Oh baby this love endeavor
Don’t have to last forever
C’mon share whatever you want with me”

Yeah. That is pretty much a sing-along mix. That is what I love about MSN: you can actually sing along the tunes. You should definitely try. It feels really good. I do it every time I am in a club.

taken from MSN facebook page.
A Mister Sunday party (taken from MSN facebook page)

After these first track(s), the guys go straight into techno and deep house, with especially a great tune by the Cobblestone Jazz quartet. Here you have to remember that this is a live recording, possibly in the middle of a 6-hour or more party (although I believe this might be the very last hour). So if you want to feel the party vibe at this precise moment, make sure you have a great soundsystem; that is either a great soundsystem (hum), or a good pair of headphones. Otherwise you would miss it (the vibe). And that would be a pity, because this is straight up amazing. True “rolling bass” here, as I like to call it. Coming back and back again, surrounding you from everywhere, slowly spilling acid sounds into your ears.

Leaving the perfectly mixed techno zone with tracks 8 and 9 – which remind me of Innervisions (for all you people of 2014), we drift into a more soulfull area with the gospel house classics “Solid Ground” and Todd Terry’s “Another Worry” from 1994.  Electronic organ and jazzy sounds, eclecticism at its best.

At this point of the mix, the battle is already over. I mean, what else can you ask for ? You may run out of ideas, but Eamon and Justin sure don’t go short of records. Tracks 12 and 13 make up for a perfect tribal-african-house-techno-whatever transition into the devastating crazy bassline of “Take That” by Jürgen Paape, of Kompakt fame.

The CD ends off with two magnificent tracks: first the hazy, nostalgia-infused, beatless “Ghost Kicks in The Spiral” by Bassclef, which to me acts a bit like a buffer, preparing you for the last track. In a totally different style (but in a very Mister Saturday Night fashion), “Secret Nothings”, by Sam Orwell, concludes the mix – on the physical CD only. This track, my friends, is absolutely marvellous. That warm piano riff. Those raging drums. That heroic saxophone solo… Chills, chills, chills !! When the music stops, it is an explosion of hoorays, cheers and frenetic applause. Woof… what a mix.

(taken from MSN website)

Before the last section of this post, “Deeper Reading”, I would like to talk about the very first track of the mix, for those who have the physical CD version. It is called “La Passion des Collines”, by an artist named “Le Chanteur”, released (or soon to be released I suppose) on a label called “Funny Bone” – well, at least that is what the booklet says.

This track caught my attention for two reasons: (a) it is sung in french and the lyrics are highly, say, unlikely; and (b) as yet, Google knows neither this song, nor the artist, nor the label. And in 2015, that is even more unlikely to happen.

So in order to be absolutely comprehensive and not leave a single grey zone behind, but above all just because I like to sing, here are the complete lyrics of this song. And especially for you, english-speaking people, the whole (rather quick) translation of it, according to myself (because, oui, I am french). Trust me, it is worth reading.

En français:

Le Chanteur – La Passion des Collines
Tu rêves de grimper tout en haut des sommets
 Il n'y a rien là-haut qui vaille la vallée
 Reste dans ta chaumière auprès de la rivière
 Reste dans ta chaumière il y fait chaud l'hiver
[Refrain] C'est dans la vallée qu'il y a ta maison
 C'est dans la vallée que paissent les moutons
Ceux qui se sont battus pour atteindre les cimes
 N'ont été attirés que par le bleu du ciel
 Après avoir souffert et courbé leur échine,
 S'aperçurent trop tard que du haut de ce ciel...
Sache que tout là-haut l'air est irrespirable
 Que pour y arriver tu peux perdre ta vie
 L'envie d'y parvenir ne te vient que du diable
 Garde toi d'y aller, tu tiens le paradis

And now in english:

The singer – The passion for hills
You dream of climbing up all the summits
There is nothing up there worth the valley
Stay in your cottage nearby the river
Stay in your cottage, it is warm in the winter
[Chorus] It is in the valley, that your house stands
It is in the valley that the sheeps graze
Those who struggled to reach the tops
Have only been lured by the sky blue
After having endured pain and bent backwards,
Realised but too late that from above...
Know that up there you cannot breathe
That to reach it you put your life at risk
The will to achieve this only comes from the devil
Beware going there, you hold the paradise

Yeah, sheeps to start the mix with. Sheeps and valleys. It has now been stuck in my head for more than a week.


I like Mister Saturday Night a lot. I like their music, I like their vision, I like their releases. Yeah, I like pretty much everything they do. That is why, a few months ago, I wrote an article about them, so feel free to read it, it is right here and that is where you will find all the info you need about them, along with another great mix from the duo.

There is one last thing I like about this mix. A little detail that I probably would not have noticed if it was not a Mister Saturday Night recording: the fact that the mix starts and ends with shouts and cheers from the crowd. That sets up a sort of “sonic picture” where music would be the main subject, surrounded by people. People gathering around music. In short, a community act bringing together people, music and… sheeps.

Yeah… Maybe I focus a bit (way ?) too much about this first track, but knowing the incredible dedication Eamon and Justin put into to their party – especially all the little details of it, I like to think that this track actually conveys a (pastoral) picture of their philosophy. Keep in mind that Mister Saturday Night ultimate aim is to build a real community of people (see my other article) and suddenly the lyrics make sense…

Anyway, it is either this theory, either the DJ duo turns into a shepherd duo during the week…or is it the other way around ? One thing for sure: I would follow them on every musical hill they’d take me.

Thank you Mister Saturday Night for the awesome mix, and thank you for having read this article until the end. See you next time !

Mister Sunday in the valley, thanks to my awesome Microsoft Paint skills. (image source: here) Look out for the lost sheeps in the mountains…


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