Post # 13: Nils Frahm Xmas mix 2014 – Perfect is the word

Following the release of his new live album, ‘Spaces’, Nils Frahm truly had an incredible 2014 year, playing numerous concerts and festivals. Now he says goodbye to this perfect year with his ‘Xmas mix’, a delightful hour-long selection of jazz, classical and piano music from a lost era located somewhere between the 30’s and the 60’s. A rare and precious moment.


This is a one hour-long selection of tracks by Nils Frahm, made up for Christmas 2014.


On the first day of 2015, to cure your hangover, lying on your sofa, with glassy eyes, waiting for the time to pass and the sun to disappear under the horizon (because you woke up at 3 p.m.). You can also set up a cosy fireplace, in an old wood chalet somewhere in the french Alps; snow and white roofs all around you outside, while you would be waking up slowly, reluctant to leave your bed because the air is just a bit too cold. Perfect.


Each song name is indicated in the mixcloud player when being played. But seriously, just let it flow around you. Don’t bother looking at the tracklist. Simply enjoy these sounds wrapping your ears. Doesn’t it feel good ?


I came accross Nils Frahm this year through a quite fabulous Boiler Room recording from the Dimensions Festival in Croatia this past summer.

The broadcasted show was actually a whole concert taking place in a magnificent roman amphitheatre by the sea, and the line-up included Nils Frahm first (with an absolutely mesmerizing performance), followed by Caribou live (Dan Snaith of course totally nailed it) and then Darkside, for what would be one of the very very last shows of the Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrigton incredible formation (maybe the last one actually).

It is interesting to see that Darkside performed both their very first show (in New York, October 2013, see here) and their last show (Dimensions, August 2014) for Boiler Room. Listening to both shows will give you an idea of how the duo refined his sound through their one-year life span, eventually becoming one of the best electronic live acts of 2014. Well, that is no surprise considering the magician that is Nicolas Jaar (see one of my first posts about both Boiler Room and Nicolas Jaar here).
So anyway I think you got it: You better look for more of these artists and their respective works, if you liked the featured recording. Caribou released an outstanding album this year (Our Love) and the Darkside album of last year is already a classic.

Right. Time for me for wishing you a very happy new year, with an indecent amount of new music for you to hear. See you !



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